Caravans in France Offers

Brittany Ferries Discount

Will you be arriving in France by ferry? We can offer you a 10% discount with Brittanny Ferries!  Please enquire when booking your caravan holidays in France.


Fun Passes at Les Charmettes

We offer free adult fun passes for the first three caravanning in France bookings every year (6 adults).

Useful French phrases

French FlagIs your French a bit rusty?  Or are you a complete novice?  Our quick guide will come in handy when travelling to France. 

While most people will be able to speak some English, there are many who can't, so knowing a few words or phrases can be very useful. 

Also, if you make an effort to speak in French you may just find that the locals warm to you a little more!

Here are some useful French words and phrases that may come in handy on your holiday:

In an emergency

Help! - Au secours! (oh sekoor)

Stop! - Arrêtez! (aret-ay)

Call a doctor! - Appelez un médecin! (apuh-lay un medsan)

Call an ambulance! - Appelez une ambulance! (apuh-lay oon onboo-lons)

Call the police! - Appelez la police! (apuh-lay lah poh-lees)

Where's the nearest hospital? - Où est l’hôpital le plus proche? (oo ay l’opeetal luh ploo prosh?)

Generally useful words and phrases

Yes/No - Oui/Non (wee/non)

Please - S’il vous plaît (seel voo play)

Thank you - Merci (mer-see)

Excuse me - Excusez-moi (exkoo-zay mwah)

Hello - Bonjour (bonzhoor)

Goodbye - Au revoir (oh ruh-vwar)

How are you? - Comment allez-vous? (kom-mon talay voo?)

Very well - Très bien (treh byan)

I don’t understand - Je ne comprends pas  (zhuh nuh kompron pah)

Do you speak English? - Parlez-vous anglais?  (par-lay voo ong-lay?)

I’m sorry - Excusez-moi (exkoo-zay mwah)


How much does this cost? - C’est combien s’il vous plaît? (say kom-byan seel voo play)

I’m just looking - Je regarde seulement  (zhuh rughar suhlmon)

What time do you open/close? - A quelle heure vous êtes ouvert/fermé? (ah kel urr voo zet oo-ver/fer-may?)

size (clothes) - la taille (la tye)

size (shoes) - le pointure (la pwan-tur)


Post office - la poste, le bureau de poste (pohst, booroh duh pohst)

Bus stop - la gare routière (gare roo-tee-yehr)

Railway station - la gare (gahr)

Tourist information - les renseignements touristiques  (ronsayn-mon toorees-teek)

In a hotel

Do you have any vacant rooms? - Est-ce que vous avez une chambre? (es-kuh voo-zavay oon shambr)

I have a reservation - J’ai fait une reservation?  (zhay fay oon ray-zehrva-syon)

At a restaurant

Menu - le menu (men-oo)

Breakfast - le petit déjeuner  (puh-tee day-zhuh-nay)

Lunch - le déjeuner (day-zhuh-nay)

Dinner - le dîner (dee-nay)

Food: Rare, medium, well done - Saignant (say-non), à point (ah pwan), bien cuit (byan kwee)

The bill, please - L’addition s’il vous plaît.  (l’adee-syon seel voo play)