Caravans in France Offers

Brittany Ferries Discount

Will you be arriving in France by ferry? We can offer you a 10% discount with Brittanny Ferries!  Please enquire when booking your caravan holidays in France.


Fun Passes at Les Charmettes

We offer free adult fun passes for the first three caravanning in France bookings every year (6 adults).

Driving in France

If you are planning on driving in France, here is a list of things that you will need to prepare before setting off:

Driver's Licence & Passport - You must carry a recognised full driver's licence with you when driving in France.  You could also be asked to produce your passport so be sure to carry this too.

Proof of vehicle ownership - If you are stopped by the police you may be asked to produce your vehicle registration certificate, known as the V5C in the UK.

Breathalyser - A recently-passed law has made it obligatory for all vehicles driving in France to carry a breathalyser.  Failure to do so will result in a fine.  Breathalysers are widely available on the internet for you to purchase before you set off, or alternatively you could buy a cheap single-use breathalyser in French garages and supermarkets.

Headlamp Beam Deflector Patches - Headlamps in the UK dip to the left, which can be problematic on French roads as this can dazzle oncoming traffic.  These stickers are widely available in the UK.  Alternatively, your car may have an option to adjust the direction of your beam.

Proof of Insurance - Obviously, you must ensure that you are fully covered by your insurance policy, and proof of this should be carried at all times.

Hazard Warning Triangle - You are required to carry a hazard warning triangle for use in the event of an accident or breakdown.

High Visibility Vests - A high visibility vest must be carried in the vehicle (not in the boot) for every individual travelling in the vehicle.

Spare Set of Bulbs - French law requires that drivers carry a spare set of bulbs for their headlamps.

First Aid Kit - You are required to carry a first aid kit, and we recommend you buy a good quality kit from a reputable manufacturer.

Fire Extinguisher - In the event of a fire, failure to render assistance is an offence, as is failing to take necessary precautions to prevent one from escalating.

General Precautions - While not obligatory, we strongly recommend that you take some general precautions to ensure that your journey runs smoothly.  Carrying a spare set of keys is advisable and you should get your car checked to ensure that there are no potential problems that could arise.